Be colorful. Bring out of the best of me.


Be colorful. Bring out of the best of me.

What I wear, what I think, what I say, By wearing my best outfit and expression ever, I want to express my true self more fully. I'll color my words and seize the day, and begin to live even more colorfully.




Who We Are

What is an image consultant?
"A professional who helps you create the ideal impression."

For corporate executives and leaders in various spheres who are the face of their organizations, we are entering an age in which personal magnetism (or the impression you give others) not only influences performance and the results you can hope to achieve, but plays a principle role in all situations.

The idea of an "image consultant" comes from American communications know-how. It refers to a professional who offers consulting to clients on how to achieve their ideal image and comprehensively optimize their personal brand.

Rather than simply looking for something flattering to wear, they draw on global standard methods that leverage color psychology and data analysis, to visualize the "ideal" image in line with the lifestyle of executives and the TPO (Time, Place and Occasion). To achieve this they look at things from the viewpoint of appearance (including outward appearance, fashion, hair and makeup), behavior (etiquette, demeanor, manner of greeting, etc.) and communication (such as facial expressions and inter-personal skills). We believe helping clients shape the ideal impression they give others?in other words, to become their ideal selves?is both our mission, and essential in this era of change.

Rules of Albert Mehrabian

According to the concept proposed by the American psychologist Albert Mehrabian in 1971, the relative influence of visual information, auditory information and verbal information on the effect a speaker has on a listener can be quantified as the percentages above. It explains the importance of so-called non-verbal communication to creating first impressions.





Personal color diagnostics

Enhance your natural facial features,
coloring and individuality Clad yourself in color, and be more yourself.

Personal colors are, as you may guess, distinct colors that match each individual. This method comes from the United States?a multiethnic country. It seeks to enhance an individual's natural beauty by wearing colors that are similar in tone to their natural coloring (skin tone, eye color, hair color) to create harmony and bring out that person's facial features and individuality.

At CATCHY we conduct a theoretical diagnostic based on phenomenon that can be seen. This utilizes a detailed personal color assessment (4×4=16 categories) based on color theory. By discovering your own personal colors, you can experience the pleasure of magnifying your beauty through an expanded palette of colors you can use for fashion, makeup, etc.

  • Examples of the kind of results you can expect:
  • More beautiful skin(firmer, more translucent, lighter, etc.)
  • A smaller-looking face(a firmer facial outline, depth, etc.)
  • Damage coverage(covers spots, wrinkles, dull skin, laugh lines, etc.)
  • Better image(conveys impressions of youth, health, poise, warmth etc.)

3D Body Type Analysis & Personal Style Clinic

"Adornment, what a science!"
Personalized styling is a weapon to create the ideal impression.

CATCHY has adopted a "3D proportional figure analysis" tool developed by Image Innovators Pty. Ltd., the largest image consulting firm in the southern hemisphere. We use these quantitative results to offer 3D Proportional Figure Analysis and Personalized Styling to produce the ideal impression based on styling theory and a psychological test (that identifies 7×2=14 types).

This empowers clients to show off their body type in the most beautiful way using the body lines and characteristic they were born with. By creating a personalized style that clients can call their own, rather than simply chasing stereotypical outfits or novel fashions, we help our customers maximize their own individuality and appeal.

Fashion is fashion, style ever.

- Coco Chanel -

Personal Branding

In an age where people compete on individuality.
Visualize your ideal impression to become an original.

  • Total personal branding process
  • Day 1 (2 hrs)Consultation → Personal Color Assessment → taking measurements for 3D Proportional Analysis
  • Day 2 (2 hrs)
    • ・Personalized styling recommendations based on the analysis results from Day 1
    • ・Communication and etiquette lesson

Impression Managament Course

Learn image strategies and communications skills,
then live to outperform.

We carry out communication and global standard image strategy training for professionals who need to give speeches before the media or international meetings. These include politicians, athletes and CEOs for whom high performance is a requirement (such as at IR meetings with overseas investors, which have rapidly grown in importance in recent years).

  • Impression management course process
  • Day 1 (2 hrs)Consultation → Personal Color Assessment → taking measurements for 3D Proportional Analysis
  • Day 2 (2 hrs)
    • ・Personalized styling recommendations based on the analysis results from Day 1
    • ・Communication and etiquette guidance
  • Day 3 (30 mins to an hour, every other week)・In-person/online checkups on progress toward commitments, taking profile photographs
  • Final Day (1 hr)・Feedback upon completing one season

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries, as we have other service programs such as programs dedicated to corporate customers (IR support, Trainings, Seminars, Advisory contracts, etc.), or customized service programs depending on your needs or requests.

? Online diagnosis service is also available, depending on your request.
? Required time above; They are general guidelines with exceptions.
? Rates written above are tax exclusive.
? Method of payment; We accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).





Born into a family which managed a traditional Japanese restaurant in Akasaka Tokyo, Miko became interested in international etiquette and the hospitality business serving VIPs in various fields from around the world at a young age. After completing graduate school at Keio University (mastering in economics), she went to work for the non-profit Japan Business Federation (Keidanren). For 20 years she was involved in policy making and the policy making process in a broad range of fields, such as engagement with overseas investors and strengthening cooperation with government. She has a wide network of contacts with company CEOs, Diet members and bureaucrats, including those at the prime minister and cabinet minister level. And she coordinated various fields as the first female policy secretary to the chairperson. On the international front, she completed graduate studies at Colombia University’s School of International and Public Affairs in the US (masters in public administration), and has interacted with executives from various countries as a visiting researcher at Harvard University and in her role as US representative of the Japan Business Federation and visiting researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), an influential US think tank that studies international strategic issues.

With the international perspective she gained through these kinds of experiences overseas, she became keenly aware of the need for Japanese leaders in politics and industry who intend to be active in the future global arena to adapt to the age of "individuality" by leaving unique impressions on others. That is when she became interested in image consulting, which uses external appearance, behavior and communication to strategically project the ideal impression. Hereafter, she apprenticed to the international image consultant and impression researcher, Akiko Sarah Takata-Magno or “ako”, in order to learn the method used in the US, the birthplace of image consulting. After acquiring certification as an international image consultant, she founded the international image consulting office "CATCHY" in October 2020. She provides a global standard of consulting to political and business leaders under a theme of "Living colorfully as my best self."